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Past Grant Recipients


Fellows Research Grant Recipients

Matthew Gevelinger, MD
Loyola University
Resilience of the Urogenital Microbiota at time of Urogynecologic Surgery

Sierra Jansen, MD
University of New Mexico
Mindfulness and Yoga for Pain with Interstitial Cystitis Evaluation (MYPAICE)

Edward Kim, MD, MPH
University of Pennsylvania
Patient-centered text message-based platform for the self-management of IC/BPS symptoms

June Allyson Memorial Fund Research Award
Stephanie Sansone, MD
New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine
Vaginal tissue penetration by Enterococcus faecalis and its correlation with urinary tract infections
Health Disparities in OAB Treatment Research Grant

Gnankang Sarah Napoe, MD
Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation
Black Women’s experiences with urinary incontinence

Nemi Shah, MD
University of California, San Diego and Kaiser Permanente, San Diego
Transcutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation for Urgency Urinary Incontinence (TTeNS)



PFD Research Foundation Fellow Research Award
Megan S. Bradley, MD
Magee-Women's Hospital of UPMC
A Qualitative Study of Postmenopausal Women’s Decision-making and Knowledge Gaps Surrounding Bacteriuria

Shailja Mehta, MD
Yale University
Targeting Urinary Tract Infections Using Non-Antibiotic Substances

June Allyson Memorial Fund Research Award
Lindsey Ann Burnett, PhD, MD
University of California - San Diego
Temporal Molecular and Structural Alterations in the Intramuscular Extracellular Matrix Across Gestation and Their Impact on Muscle Stem Cell Function


PFD Research Foundation Fellow Research Award
Rebecca Meekins, MD
Duke University
A Prediction Model and Electronic Calculator For Risk of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries

June Allyson Memorial Fund Research Award
Maria Florian-Rodriguez, MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Cell Senescence and Development of Pelvic Organ Prolapse



PFD Research Foundation Fellow Research Award
Anne C. Cooper, MD
Women & Infants Hospital
Optimization of Spontaneous Trial of Void (OPTION): A Prospective Cohort Study with Nested Randomized Controlled Trial

June Allyson Memorial Fund Research Award
John R. Ogorek, MD
Emory University
A Genome-Wide Pilot Study Assessing DNA Methylation Patterns in the Urine of Women With Overactive Bladder


PFD Research Foundation Faculty Research Award
Mary Ackenbom, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Women Undergoing Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery

PFD Research Foundation Faculty Research Award
Alison Wyman, University of South Florida
Estimated Levator Ani Subtended Volume (eLASV): A Novel Assay for Predicting Surgical Outcomes in Pelvic Organ Prolapse

June Allyson Memorial Fund Research Award
Judy Yeh, Yale University School of Medicine
Protective Host Defense Mechanisms Against Urinary Tract Infection in Bladder Urothelium with Estrogen Receptor β Overexpression

PFD Research Foundation Research Grant Awards History

AUGS Research Scholars Grant
2011 - Gina Northington, MD

Mesh/Graft Science in Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery Research Grant 
2015 - Joseph Kowalski, MD
‚Äč2015 - Craig Mayr, MD
2014 - Kathleen Chin, MD

PFD Research Foundation Faculty Research Award
2014 - Keith T. Downing, MD
2012 - Elizabeth Geller, MD
2012 - Una Lee, MD
2011 - Elizabeth Erekson, MD
2011 - Lieschen Quiroz, MD
2010 - Nazema Siddiqui, MD
2010 - Philip Smith, MD
2009 - Heidi Harvie, MD
2009 - Sujatha Pathi, MD
2009 - Sarah Hammil, MD
2008 - Chiara Ghetti, MD
2008 - Vivian Sung,  MD
2008 - David Rahn, MD
2007 - Amy Park, MD
2007 - Jerry Lowder, MD
2007 - Kathleen Connell, MD
2006 - Matthew Ho, MD, PhD
2006 - Andrew Sokol, MD
2006 - Marianna Alperin, MD, MS 

PFD Research Foundation Fellow Research Award
2016 - Brian Linder, MD
2015 - Annetta Madsen, MD
2015 - Pedro Maldonado, MD
2012 - Kimberly Ferrante, MD
2011 - Autumn Edenfield, MD
2010 - Cara Grimes, MD
2009 - Anna Frick, MD
2008 - Danielle Markle, MD
2007 -  Emily Whitcomb, MD
2006 - Christian Twiss, MD

PFD Research Foundation and ICA IC/PBS Research Grant
2016 - Kristin Jacobs, MD
2015 - Ana Charrua Cordeiro, MD
2014 - Judy M. Choi, MD
2012Melinda Abernethy, MD

PFD Research Foundation Surgical Award
2014 - Lindsay C. Turner, MD 
2012 - Tatiana Sanses, MD
2011 - Joy Greer, MD
2010 - Mitchell Berger, MD 

PFD Research Foundation Bladder Health Research Grant
2011 - Kerrie Adams, MD

Thomas Benson Award in Neuromodulation 
2014 - Benjamin J. Barenberg, MD
2014 - Robert S. Kelley, DO
2014 - Margaret G. Mueller, MD
2012 - Lauren Cadish, MD
2012 - Alexis Dieter, MD
2012 - Stephanie Pickett, MD
2011 - Anthony Gaddi, MD
2011 - Edgar LeClaire, MD
2011 - Monica Richardson, MD
2011 - Cheryl Shih, MD
2011 - Anne Suskind, MD
2010 - Stephanie Jacobs, MD
2010 - Peter Jeppson, MD
2010 - Courtney Lee, MD
2010 - Pamela Levin, MD
2010 - Mona McCollough, MD
2010 - Salim Wehbe, MD
2010 - Dena White, MD
2009 - Jonathan Gleason, MD
2009 - Brent Parnell, MD
2009 - Leise Knoepp, MD
2009 - Jennifer Lee, MD
2009 - Heidi Chen, MD
2008 - Danielle Markle, MD
2008 - Jocelyn Craig, MD
2008 - John Judd, MD
2008 - Ene George, MD
2008 - Taji Yazdany, MD

June Allyson Memorial Research Grant
2016 - Jennifer Bickhaus, MD
2012 - Meadow Good, MD
2011 - Teodoro Montoya, MD
2010 - Laura Skoczylas, MD
2008 - Andrea Staack, MD, PhD
2007 - Matthew Ho, MD, PhD
2007 - Tola Omotosho, MD
2006 - Lee Epstein, MD
2005 - Maria Canter, MD
2004 - Clifford Wai, MD
2003 - James L. Whiteside, MD
2002 - Michael Vardy, MD
2001 - Muriel Boreham, MD
2000 - Matthew Barber, MD
1999 - Lennox Hoyte, MD
1998 - Mary Pat Fitzgerald, MD
1997 - Padma Malipeddi, MD