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AUGS Jr. Faculty Research Network

AUGS, with the support of the PFD Research Foundation, has created a multi-center research network for AUGS junior faculty members. In its inaugural year, the Junior Faculty Research Network (JFRN) will conduct a study focused on neuromodulation, however topics may vary in future years.  An Advisory Board of senior advisors will oversee the progress of the Network. Monthly conference calls will include research training and education topics in addition to facilitating protocol development and implementation of a multi-center research project focused on neuromodulation.

Network Members

Member Network Site
Margaret Mueller (Project PI) Northwestern University
Uduak Andy University of Pennsylvania
Lisa Brennaman University of Missouri
Alexis Dieter University of North Carolina
Anna Kirby University of Washington
Jonathan Shepherd University of Pittsburgh


Advisory Board Members

Member Role
Cindy Amundsen Senior PI
Tom Gregory Research Committee Chair
Yuko Komesu Senior Mentor
Una Lee Junior Faculty Mentor
Karen Noblett Senior Mentor
Rebecca Rogers Senior Mentor
Nazema Siddiqui Senior Mentor
Vivian Sung Senior Mentor

Project: Sacral Neuromodulation and the Microbiome in women with Urgency Urinary Incontinence

PI: Margaret Mueller, MD

Primary Site: Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine