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1997 – The American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS) and Kimberly-Clark create the June Allyson Foundation to recognize and support actress June Allyson’s contributions to incontinence awareness and education.

2001 – The AUGS Foundation is formed to support research regarding the causes, prevention, cure and treatment of urogynecologic disorders.

2006 – The AUGS Foundation awards its first research grant.

2008 – The June Allyson Foundation merges with the AUGS Foundation to better support research to determine the causes and management of pelvic floor disorders. As a non-profit research and education foundation of the American Urogynecologic Society, the June Allyson Foundation awarded research grants to help determine the causes and management of pelvic floor disorders. Because the June Allyson Foundation’s mission was so closely tied to the AUGS Foundation’s, it was brought under the umbrella of the AUGS Foundation in 2008. Today June Allyson’s memory continues to live on through the awarding of an annual research grant.

2010 – First patient education event held in Long Beach, CA.

2011 – Launch of Voices for PFD website and online patient community.

2012 – The AUGS Foundation joins AUGS, The Foundation for Female Health Awareness, Boston Scientific Corporation, and Merck Consumer Care to form the PFD Alliance.

2013 – The AUGS Foundation changes its name to Pelvic Floor Disorders Research Foundation (PFD Research Foundation). The mission of the PFD Research Foundation is to transform the lives of women through the support of innovative and effective research that advances the prevention, treatment and cure of female pelvic floor disorders.